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Church Live (02/08) 

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This week, week 1 of 5, Paul Harcourt is going to be speaking on the the subject 'Restore'.
Paul is the vicar of another All Saints Church in Woodford Wells, East London; he is also the National Leader of New Wine. He and his wife Becky have two children, the older of whom has special needs.
Paul has written two books about following Jesus into the Spirit-filled life - "Growing in Circles" (2016) and, with Becky, "Walking on Water" (2017).

Bring your coffee and be ready to join in and receive more of the good things that God has for us. Worship, word and waiting on the Holy Spirit. If you’re watching on Facebook, why not try holding a watch party and get your friends to join in too. Look forward to being with you on Sunday.

God bless, Mark and Meg.