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You are invited to join in the worship this Sunday and hear how we can be “living stones” carefully chosen by God with Jesus as the cornerstone.
We will be exploring how we can play our part in the construction of a "sanctuary, vibrant with life", as we sing, pray and open up God's word together.
There will be something for everyone at this service, no matter your age. Sarah Couchman will help us think about living and growing in testing times.
Our Rocks, Stones and Pebbles series takes us to the Stony Ground as found in the parable of the sower.
For our Advent Sunday Sanctuary service we have a special guest speaker - Rev. Stephen Girling from Bath Abbey.
Stephen Girling, the Area Dean, who is also the Missioner at Bath Abbey, will preach on 'Not one stone left'
Sunday 25 December | 10:30am to 11.30am
Friday 24 December | 11:30pm to 12:30am
Tuesday 21 December | 11:15am
Friday 24 December | 4:00pm to 5:00pm
Sunday 19 December | 6:15pm to 8:00pm. Tickets available 1st December