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Church Live 12/07

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Join us live on Facebook or YouTube at 11:00hrs (stream starts at 10:50), from our sofa to yours. We continue to follow the life of David under the theme of “Way Maker - Find God’s way in times of change”. This week Mark is going to be speaking on God the Character Shaper. Each time we face a challenge we have a choice. If we let him, God can turn that challenge around and use it to shape our character and build his kingdom. 

We will also be hearing from Victor Mughogo from Eagles in Malawi about the election and how they are responding to Covid19.

We have moved the sofa back into the church for the live stream and it is great to be working with a team again. Bring your coffee and be ready to join in and receive more of the good things that God has for us. Worship, word and waiting on the Holy Spirit. If you’re watching on Facebook, why not try holding a watch party and get your friends to join in too. Look forward to being with you on Sunday.

God bless, Mark and Meg.