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Help us become a church on the way

Thanks so much for being part of the All Saints family.

As  part of the vision to be a church on the way we would like to have a clearer idea of the make up of the church family. This information will give us a clear picture of how things change over time and make the most effective use of our resources.

It would be very helpful if you could share with us the following additional information. This form will also be available to complete on paper in Church.
Many thanks

 Date of Birth (Including Year) 

When do you become a Christian (Approx)?

How did you become a Christian?
 I'm still thinking   
 Brought up as a Christian 
 Through local church 
 Sunday school/Youth Group 
 Another Course 
 Local outreach event 
 National outreach event 
 Christian Holiday 
 As a student        
 Life long journey 
 Had a revelation 
 Other (use notes box to record) 
 Notes for how I became a Christian:

When did you first start attending All Saints?

How/Why did you first start attending All Saints?

Home Congregation? (Please select one home congregation if possible)
9am Home 
9am Occasional 
11am Home 
11am Occasional 
6.30pm Home 
6.30pm Occasional 
Tues Home 
Tues Occasional 

By clicking send I give consent for All Saints to store my data in line with the Data Protection Notice (available at the back of church and on the website)

Mark Searle, 23/09/2018