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Discover the way 

There is so much more to life. At All Saints we are trying to follow the way of Jesus because we believe that he is “the way, the truth and the life”. We would love to walk with you and help you discover the way. Below you can find details of events that will help you discover more, a contact form if you want to stay in touch. Plus articles and media to help you discover the most amazing way to live.


Each term there are opportunities and events that will help you on the way.

Our first session is “discover inner peace” on 16th Jan at 7.30pm in All Saints Church. Using a 2000 year old tradition we will introduce you to four key principles that will help you ”discover inner peace”. Sign up and bring a friend. Come and join the conversation and discover the way. 
Discover inner peace




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Sign me up for “discover inner peace”     
Mark Searle, 21/12/2019

Articles and Media to help you discover

Standup comic Milton Jones asks whether Christianity is too weird.
It was great to be All Together on Sunday 24th Nov for our baptism service. Video and talk.
Sometimes, everywhere you go all you can see are purple flowers.
Have you ever had one a time when it seems like more is going wrong than right? Or when things are changing too fast, or when you get news that you did not want to hear?
A brief visual introduction to the Christian faith.


Mark Searle, 16/12/2019