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Eagles Malawi - Autumn 2020 

We hope you enjoy the new newsletter layout! Our thanks go to Esther Jones and Imogen Stark for their helpful input.
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We hope you are all staying safe and well! The Eagles staff in Malawi send their best wishes and are keeping the UK COVID-19 situation in their prayers. They sympathise with those of you who suddenly became home school teachers on top of your normal work! Schools in Malawi closed from March to September, with no set work or online options, so it was a very difficult balancing act for them! All of the Eagles team, and more importantly the pastors and communities, are so grateful for your ongoing support through such a difficult time. 

Friday 23 October was ‘2020 International Day for Disaster Reduction’ to raise awareness across our world of the efforts that organisations like Eagles are making to combat disaster and strengthen communities’ resilience . As you know, natural disasters are becoming increasingly frequent (as well as more unpredictable) with the rising impact of climate change. COVID-19 has highlighted for us all again how interconnected our world is, and we're so grateful to those of you who have been carbon-offsetting through Eagles this year. So we thought this would be a good time to focus our Connecting Lives newsletter on the impact that this has had.

Please remember you can offset your driving and flying emissions here. If you have any contacts, including businesses, who might be interested in carbon offsetting via our scheme, please send this link on to them.  If they get in touch with us, we can give them further information.  By spreading the word about our carbon offsetting scheme, you could help save lives this year. As we head towards winter in the UK, it is also a time to remind ourselves of our responsibility to change lifestyles: heating, meat-eating and cars are three of the biggest contributors to our carbon footprint.

If you'd like more regular updates on Eagles' work, we encourage you to like their Facebook page where stories are posted around once a week or follow this page about Eagles' innovative, community-designed solar rope pump project.

With our warmest wishes,
Cathy, Beverly, Rick, Tony and Diane
Malawi Support trustees