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Anyone up (or more likely down) for skiing in February 2021? 

saas-fee-4692477 640 Tony Haines (Accomplished Skier) and Tom Peryer (Novice Skier) are planning to go with Gold Hill Holidays on a skiing trop to Saas (near Zermatt) in Switzerland (27 February to 7 March 2021). This s open to all adult ages, all abilities and both sexes. Cost is £770 which is all inclusive (food, travel out and back, ski pass, tuition). The reason that it is relatively cheap is that (a) it is coach travel out (but you can choose to fly out if you prefer) (b) there is a modest amount of sharing in the food preparation and (c) it's chalet accommodation i.e. with rooms for 2-4. 

Goldhill has a strong Christian ethos, so there are (optional) morning prayers and evening service as well as plenty of time for non-skiing related conversations to sort the world and the Church out. If the holiday is cancelled because of Covid or anything else then all monies will be refunded.  If you are interested contact Tony by email (07980 156820) or Tom by email (07733 897227)