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Compassionate Community and Future Weston Help 

Compassionate Community and Fu

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There are many people in the Weston and Newbridge area who need help at the moment, and there are many of us who are able to provide it. Whichever group you are in, please read the following.   

Please continue to watch out for your neighbours, especially people who are old or vulnerable, and make sure they receive help, either locally, or through the Compassionate Community. 

If you need help, please call the Compassionate Community Hotline 0300 247 0050 and explain your needs. When you call the hotline, you will be asked a number of questions to assess exactly what you need, and your request will then be passed to the relevant group (shopping, health, money, etc). You will then receive a phone call, telling you who is going to help you. 

If you can help with shopping, then please register with the Compassionate Community. This is most important. We need a lot more volunteers, so please do this if you feel that you can. You can withdraw at any time. The registration process is explained below. 

There are a number of street groups in our area, providing support to neighbours. Do please join one of these groups if you can. Or start one in your street. Please let Future Weston know about your street group, as we are keeping a record by email or phone 01225 300 200.

Registration with Compassionate Community

If you are able to volunteer to help people with shopping or befriending, please go through the following registration process. You need to go through all 3 stages.
1    Please fill in this sign up form.
2    Next, you will receive a 'Welcome' email, where you will be given instructions on how to view and e-sign a Volunteer Handbook to confirm you agree to the guidance.
3    This email will also ask you to submit a photo of your ID (passport, driver's licence and a DBS, if you have one), which will be kept on file during the outbreak. Submission Link.
Once you are fully registered, you can expect to receive requests for help from the 3SG team, giving you the details of someone nearby who needs help with shopping.  The payment system will be explained to you at the time.  If you are able to keep supporting the same person in the future, that is excellent, but you can withdraw at any time.
Thank you for all you are doing, and please forward this to your friends, and encourage them to volunteer too.
If you have any needs or questions or ideas or information, do please make contact by by email or phone 01225 300 200.