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Justice for the Earth Pledges - Engage 12 January 2020

At the Engage service on 12 January, we were challenged by the Toast group to make Justice for the Earth pledges. Around 40 pledges were made. Please look at the pledges made below. Remind yourself of what you have committed to. If you haven’t made a pledge then you could use the list as a guide or come up with your own. When you feel that you have successfully embedded your pledge into your lifestyle then we would encourage you to make a new one.
Lets make 2020 a year for Justice for the Earth. Toast Justice for the earth service pledges January 2020
Forty pledges were made. You can see that some are repeated as several people made very similar pledges.
 Justice for the Earth image we
Toast Justice for the earth service pledges January 2020

  • Eat seasonal food.
  • Spread awareness about environmental issues.
  • To be more conscious of food miles / buy less produce that has to be transported a long way /buy local. Two people made this pledge.
  • Carbon offset holiday travel.
  • Source more sustainable meat.
  • To not buy things that are over packaged.
  • Eat less meat (or maybe go vegetarian). Six people made this pledge.
  • Walk, scoot or cycle more to school / work / church. Lift share or use a bus or train. Eight people made this or similar pledges.
  • Join a campaign against fossil fuels.
  • To try to use less water.
  • Avoid buying plastic water bottles.
  • Turn the lights off.
  • To not leave taps running when washing up or brushing teeth.
  • Refill shampoo, shower gel, cleaner, hand soap (or make own) etc. Two people made this pledge.
  • Buy unpackaged fruit and veg. Two people made this pledge.
  • Plant more trees in the area.
  • Try not to waste food.
  • Grow own food.
  • Investigate starting a “Donate don’t ditch” project for leaving students.
  • To pray for God to bless the land with fruitfulness (in Weston) weekly.
  • Pray for the environment more.
  • Plant bee friendly plants.
  • Buy my clothes from charity shops.
  • Attach up the water butt for the summer.
  • Repair clothes instead of buying new.