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November 2019 to February 2020 What's On Magazine 

The latest What's On magazine is now available online 
‘The Future of Weston’ that’s what’s on the cover of the next edition of the What’s On Magazine. An intriguing headline to draw attention to a public meeting being held at the Ex-Services Club in Brookfield Park on Thurs 07 November at 19:30hrs. A new group, ‘Future Weston’, is looking for opportunities to develop and encourage improvements in the Weston Area. We are part of it, so please come along. The magazine needs delivering to all the homes in Weston from this Sunday, so please do help. As well as the ‘Future Weston’ story, the magazine has all our Christmas services info, dates for your diary and all the activities that take place in our area.

The next edition will be March to July 2020 and Naomi Cox is stepping up to become the new 'What's On' Editor for this edition and from then on. Gary Oaten is still on the More to Life Team and working at All Saints Church. If you have information for the editor then please email to Naomi

We are pleased to announce that the What's On magazine now mostly covers it's production cost through advertising with More To Life picking up any shortfall. It is delivered to nearly 6000 homes in Weston and Newbridge and is still extremely popular and well read. The magazine is produced and distributed with the help of the Church communities in Weston and Newbridge.

Previous editions of What's On are available here