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3TL March 2019 book reading 2-Connecting at 3TL 

Tom Peryer provided our ‘Thought for the day’ at Connect 3TL last Tuesday and talked about the Bath Half Marathon and ‘persevering’, a theme being talked on by Jo Tucker at Encounter this Sunday, by the way. Persevering through life and persevering with a task is neatly illustrated in the pictures, taken when the Noah’s Ark children came down to 3TL to have ‘one on one’ storytime with 3TL guests.
3TL March 2019 - spiral art-sm

3TL March 2019 book reading 1-

Also this month Stephen Magrath ran a 'Mindful Art' table and was delighted by the uptake by the 3TL guests. He writes: "Thanks for the opportunity to come and run an art session at Connect 3TL at All Saints Centre, Weston, Bath. I really enjoyed the enthusiastic response, they really 'got it' and were very uninhibited about the process. Some showed interest in the group at the Hub and I hope shyness or disability doesn't hold anyone back.  I'd be pleased to come back and do another session." Stephen's Mindful Art Group runs at Weston Hub, Weston, Bath every Tuesday from 10:00hrs to 12:00hrs and cost £3.50 per session to attend. Some of their artwork is now displaying on the walls at the Hub.

3TL March 2019 Felt work-smAlso at Connect 3TL this month there was a Homeopathy table and a craft table with activities. And of course there was a wonderful two course lunch provided by George Macintosh, Catherine Bright and the amazing 3TL catering team.

Next month at Connect 3TL Pam Wendzina is coming to play the piano and lead in a grand ‘sing along’. This is one we are really looking forward to.