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Oh No! Not the comfy chair 

It’s really encouraging that people have been enthusiastic about trying out the fifteen sample chairs that we have at the back of church. It’s stimulated great conversations after services already and much amusement as people bob up and down and vie for position in order to try out a potential front runner. Feedback forms are coming in, but the ROCK team want as many as possible, so please take the time to find the most ‘comfy’ chair for you.
Chairs in church Small

Bath Abbey have now laid out their new chairs in the nave, called the ‘Theo’ chair from Trinity Church Furniture, so do pop along to the Abbey and take a look. We have this chair in our samples and it’s the wooden one featured in the foreground of this photograph. Theo is a lightweight, strong and durable wood framed high density stacking chair with a veneered plywood seat and back. Do you find this one comfortable? You can find out more here.

With lots of feedback on the sample chairs, from all ages, we would hope to make a selection that pleases the majority, once all factors are taken into account, so that sitting in the church in the future will be a comfortable experience and so that the space in church can be much more versatile for different forms of worship services and events.

More information about how to give your feedback here.