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Mark's Blog

A few reflections, thoughts and comments from Mark as leader at All Saints. 

An honest and raw look at the meaning and impact of the resurrection at the end of a difficult year.
Brilliant talk from the New Wine Leadership Conference 2021
A blessing from the men of All Saints church to women and Mothers in our community and beyond.
Mark takes a quick but important look and lament, grief and praise.
Mark reflects briefly on Moses in the wilderness and compares it to lockdown.
Episode 1 of Reach TV which includes Gary sharing his amazing story of transformation
Take a few moments to find some stillness.
A few thoughts from Mark on a Thursday evening to encourage you.
Mark explains the significance of Christmas using masks
A couple separated by the pandemic wait for the arrival of their first child.
Really great story of Pastor Mick and how is life was turned around. A great Christmas read.
If you've ever travelled in a car with young children, then you will recognise this question.
An introduction to the our new Sunday series from Mark
With the horrific scenes of the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent protests and governments actions in the states it can be difficult to know how to respond.
As lockdown is eased but with the church still not being allowed to be opened we are finding ways of being together as a church family
A conversation about anxiety, fear, faith and hope in context of the current lockdown and coronavirus.
Mark talks about how lockdown gives us space to ask the big questions.
All the videos from the way of the cross
We have received a great co-mission, but we don’t have to do it alone.
Jesus is alive and this changes everything
As we await Easter Sunday, here are three things to encourage you
Live stream thought for Easter
Part six of The Way of the Cross.
Part Five of The Way of the Cross.
Part four of The Way of the Cross.
Thought for the day from Mark
The 3rd part of The Way of the Cross
The church may be locked but the church is not closed!
How do you find peace in a broken world?
How do you respond to surprises?
How are your worry levels? It seems like there is a lot to be worried about right now. Our political systems seem confused and toxic. Boris found his ditch and Rees seems to be eating his words.
We all see the world in different ways and we all encounter God in different ways. For me I see the handy work of God all over creation. I can’t help but look at something natural and be filled with wonder at the maker.
Over this last week it's been hot! Here are five simple things to help you keep your faith burning hot this summer.
Summer on the rec was a wonderful community gathering hosted by the churches in Weston and Newbridge. Massive thanks to all who made it happen
The fragrance of freshly cooked bread is so compelling that supermarkets often pump the smell over the entrance. It makes us hungry for more.
Sometimes, everywhere you go all you can see are purple flowers.
In the Easter story we find Jesus on the wrong form of transport. Kings don't ride donkeys.
It was a cold wet day. Not the kind of day that anyone would want to get out of the house unless they really had to.
I sat beside the goldfish tank in our London flat and prayed. The Gold Fish had just died and I thought this was a good opportunity to practise raising the dead. A few hours later the still dead fish was flushed away.
Looking into a Christian community from the outside can leave people feeling a little confused. Christians can sometimes come across as overly optimistic, and even sometimes annoyingly full of peace.
We don’t get much post these days. But that morning in the middle of last year was different. A small envelope dropped on the mat. Thick textured paper - proper posh!
As I write this the draft proposals are on the table. In a few weeks, we could be moving forward towards Brexit or even getting ready for a general election.
The vision is simple and purposeful. To be a church on the way. We get there one step at a time.
Have you ever had one a time when it seems like more is going wrong than right? Or when things are changing too fast, or when you get news that you did not want to hear?
Great start to the new term with a fantastic church family and a wonderful team.
“Slow. If there is dust behind you, you’re going too fast” This is the sign that is often out during the summer at my favour campsite.
Every Friday Love Weston Cafe is open to the community for coffee, cakes and lunches. This week I had the opportunity to visit.
Over this term we are thinking about growing community. As part of that I would like you to start thinking about something. How do you grow?
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