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Church Live  - Waiting and Witnessing - 16 May 2021 (6pm)

Waiting and Witnessing, we will be looking at the last recorded events in John’s Gospel and then the birth explosion of the early church as the Holy Spirit empowers them as witnesses into the world. This week Claire Parr will be speaking on “Reality Bites from John 21:15” as Jesus walks with Peter. 

Come expectant that you will encounter the living God, allowing his word to shape us and his Holy Spirit to empower us. Please feel free to join it with the chat throughout Church Live, say hi and join in (there is more of it on Facebook at the moment, but it’s also on Youtube.) 

The live stream is embedded below, please click on the play button or refresh the page after 17.55 on the day. Lots of members of the church family also watch via Facebook. Comments are available on both youtube and Facebook. 

Church Live from 17:55 on Sunday 16 May 2021



The Church is not closed, the church is people. God has simply opened hundreds of outlets of his grace in homes across Weston, Bath and the nation. We would love to help you discover the the most amazing way to live life, even (or especially) in difficult times. Church live begins at 6pm real time or about 05:00 mins into the video on catchup.

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