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Children, Youth and Community Review Group (CYC)

All Saints Weston (ASW) has invested heavily over the last 15 years in CYC Reviewchurch-based children’s and youth work and through Enrich, community-based youth work. In consultation with Clive Bennett, the PCC has concluded that the work of Enrich has come to a natural end in its current form. At the same time Jo Tucker (part-time Enrich) has taken maternity leave and is anticipated to return in October 2021, Phil Day as Children and Families Team Leader has moved on and Wes Poirot our youth worker leaves in the summer to become a Baptist minister. While so much change is challenging, it also provides an opportunity to review all the roles and prayerfully discern together what God is calling us to for the years to come in the areas of children, youth and community.

In the light of these changes, the PCC has decided to set up a fixed-term task group to advise the PCC on the way forward regarding our aims and priorities in the area of our work amongst and for children and youth – both within the church and within the community.

Purpose / role of the group:

  • To prayerfully discern the future direction of children, youth and community work at ASW.
  • To set this direction in line with the discipleship-focused vision of being “a church on the way”.
  • To recommend to the PCC both broad working principles to engage the whole church in this mission
  • To recommend to the PCC a staffing structure to include paid and voluntary posts in order to resource the work.

Membership of the group

    Sarah Gleave - Chair
    Mark Searle - Rector
    Monica Corripio-Lopez
    Viv Nicholson
    Peter Heywood
    Emma Miles
    Hylton Asplin
    Penny Faux
    Ruth Rhodes
    Hannah Pearson
    +A member of the youth / recent youth TBC

Anyone on the team can be contacted so that the church family or wider community can feed into the conversation and decision-making process. We will also be proactively seeking input from a variety of people within the Church and community. This will include one-to-one conversation and may include opportunities for specific feedback with questionnaires etc. you can also contact the group using the form at the end of the article.

Working Methods

Pray - at the beginning, middle and the end. We need to seek the wisdom and direction of the Holy Spirit for the way forward.

The group will consult relevant parties, but this consultation will be kept manageable. Interested parties should include:

  • Children
  • Families
  • Young People
  • Young Adults
  • Those with experience of Enrich / SALT
  • Those with good community connections.

The group will consider future working principles for ASW and the theology behind them.

The group will keep at the forefront of its thinking the great co-mission of Jesus (Matthew 28:19) and the calling on the whole church to follow the way of Jesus (John 14:6).

The group will use the following framework:

  • What is God calling us to do?
  • How are we going to do it?
  • What resources will we need to do it?

Please pray for the CYC as we discern together what God is calling us all to for the next few years.


CYC Feedback Form

(Name and email are now required for this form, please use it for genuine feedback so we can shape the conversation together.)
Email Address:

Two key question we would love you to address are:
What have you valued from before in the areas of children, youth and community work?
What could we do more of or better in the future?

NB should you require more space, or just want to start a conversation please say so below and we will be in touch.