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Enrich Announcement  

After much prayerful consideration the PCC has taken the difficult decision to bring the work of Enrich in its current form to an end. This includes making the full-time post held by Clive Bennett redundant and agreeing a full review of All Saints’ children, youth and community work.

Since 2010, Clive has been the constant presence in Enrich. He has raised more than £100,000 in grants to fund additional workers including Jo Tucker who has worked alongside Clive and also had a huge impact on the work since 2014. And of course, the work has been supported by many other volunteers from the church.

Work amongst young people is not for the faint-hearted! All the more so when it is work with youngsters who have had very little contact with Church and/or who are living on the edge because of family circumstances, poverty and other issues. In the last 10 years Clive and those working with him have strained their spiritual, emotional and physical sinews to the maximum. There have been set-backs and disappointments. Support and opportunities offered by the team have often been rejected or embraced for a while and then dropped. Sometimes activities and groups have had to be discontinued because of negative behaviour. The last two or three years have been especially hard and made harder by the pandemic.

Nevertheless, there have been many rewards and much fruit: individuals and families have been helped and supported; young people and adults have come to faith and with public confessions of faith at baptism; two life-changing trips to Malawi have taken place; the SALT community, services and a homegroup have grown out of Enrich; anti-social behaviour in Weston has been reduced as a result of Enrich’s work. Furthermore, Clive in particular has been a strong voice in the church, making us think and act beyond our walls. He has challenged our predominant middle-class cultural bubble and urged us to empathise with and support those who find themselves vulnerable and for whom day-to-day existence is far from easy.

As a church family we want to say a huge thank you to thank Clive for all his years of service with the church and in the community. He has touched countless lives through his work and formed many meaningful connections with young people and their families. He has mentored Jo and Seb and has supported numerous people in their walk with Jesus. Clive, Julia, Esther, Hope and Matthew are much loved within the church family. Together we pray for them as they discern and discover God’s calling and plans for the future.

Clive has communicated this news to those with whom he has been working. He has also produced a video of thanks for the support he has received for the work over the last 10 years.

A message from Clive

Please join as we give thanks for Clive, pray for the family and for All Saints

Please note, Jo Tucker is currently on maternity leave and she remains in employment with All Saints.

Wes Poirot is in contact with the Pepper homegroup and is meeting with them via zoom regularly.

Should you have any questions, please contact, Paddy Gleave or James Couchman.