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Are we there yet?

If you've ever travelled in a car with young children, then you will recognise this question. Are we there yet? It's a question that expresses the frustration of being on a journey when you are not in the driving seat. But that childhood frustration of just wanting to arrive, stays with us as adults.

Are we there yet?

It's a question I find myself asking in these strange days that we are living in. Are we there yet? Will lockdown be extended? When will the vaccine be delivered? Who will it be delivered to? Will it work!? These are all valid questions of the day. But behind them is a lack of control over the journey and the deep-seated fear of the unknown.

It seems that these days everyone is asking questions. I even heard Brian Cox on the radio this week asking, “What does it all mean?”

In the last eight months we've had to discover new ways of meeting as Christian communities, new ways of shopping and new ways of talking to our relatives and friends. These things have all been part of the journey, and will probably be part of the journey and maybe even the destination for many years to come.

A few weeks ago I found myself asking a new question. I was trying to revise our plans for Christmas in the light of the Lockdown. It’s difficult to plan for large carol services when building capacity with social distance and does not allow it. I found myself getting a bit stressed, how are we going to do all this?. And then I found myself asking a different question. I asked Jesus, are you stressed about Christmas? What do you think the answer was? Of course he's not stressed about Christmas. That's just my human perspective trying to make plans in an unknown context. Jesus is not stressed about Christmas! In fact, none of this comes as a surprise to him.

As much as our immediate questions are entirely valid, I also want us to look at another question together. It's a question that reframes our current circumstances. The question is this, who is in your driving seat? With all the noise and the fear of our current circumstances, we can feel out of control, and we just want to know when it will end. But the more important question on this journey, wherever it will lead and whenever it may end is who are you going to take the journey with? Jesus says I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the Father except through me. If we’re going to navigate the season well, then we need to do so walking in step with and following the way of Jesus Christ. Who's in your driving seat?

I pray that today you would allow Jesus to be in the driving seat. That you would take the journey with him and that you would know his peace. God bless. Mark