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Transformed - new series from Sunday 18 Oct


The world that we live in was already cluttered with stress inducing apps that were supposed to make us feel better, they were supposed to bring us together. And now we are facing a second wave of coronavirus with all the worry and anxiety that that brings.

At a time like this as followers of Jesus what we think really matters, what we do really matters and how we do it matters even more.

Over the next seven weeks in our transformed series we are going to look deeply at the bible and see what it says about our thinking, our living and how it points us to the one who helps us to think and live.

In a season like this we can’t be infants blown this way and that by the latest news reports or ideas. We have to root ourselves in the word of God and allow him to renew our minds and our living so that we are fully alive in the Holy Spirit.

Come and join us on Sundays at 9am for Sanctuary or at 11am for Church Live, either online on in person, so that together we are transformed.