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Sanctuary Service for Sunday (16/08) 

Pre-recorded Sanctuary services will be available for every Sunday in August.  They will be simpler and shorter than previous services so as to reduce the amount of hours required creating each one and you will see that some things are repeated each week,  but then we are an Anglican church - still!.  That said there will also be some new elements to keep us inspired and give us food for thought.
The overarching theme is 'Inspired by the Past and Facing the Future’. Each week Tom Peryer will introduce a local 'hero of faith' who is connected with Weston, Bath or the locality - between them, these five saints cover nearly 1,000 years of Christian presence and God-inspired activity. Plus each week, there will be a talk from a church leader from another part of the country who will be giving one answer to the question 'What next for the church after Covid?’

For Sunday 16 August...

This service will be available from 08:00hrs on Sunday 16 August 2020