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Sanctuary Service for Sunday (19/07) 

At Sanctuary this week Sarah Couchman explores that wonderful Psalm, Psalm 139, with help from friends at the Life Project. Our Rector, Rev Mark Searle leads the service and does this, for the first time since March, from the church building. You will be able to familiarise yourself again with the inside of our beautiful building as Mark leads us in prayer from various parts of the church. Yes, you will hear the wondrous story and yes, you will be kept in righteousness as we listen to, and join in with, a moving selection of hymns, songs and music that reflect the comforting words of Psalm 139. Come and join Mark, Sarah and the Life Project team for a beautiful hour of worship, prayer, praise and teaching.

This service will be available to view from 08:00hrs on Sunday 19 July 2020