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Justice - I can’t breathe...

With the horrific scenes of the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent protests and governments actions in the states it can be difficult to know how to respond.

As I have been talking with others, seeing and reading their responses, I thought it may be helpful to share a few things that have crossed my path incase they are helpful for you. I share them not as a statement, but as part of the conversation.

As a middle aged white male Christian I am trying to spend time listening but I don’t want to over claim that I understand. I would however echo the wise words in the video clip below from Pastor Agu in response to injustice, “it is my problem, it it our problem”. Wherever there is injustice, I am not separate from it, it is my problem it is our problem. 

Pastor Agu Irukwu - Senior Pastor of Jesus House

Pastor Agu makes the following responses and the leads us in prayer

  • Empathise
  • Pray
  • Share a message of love and forgiveness
  • Speak out
  • Seek institutional change
  • Encourage representation

The Bible Project - Justice


Clive Bennett - George


We Need To Talk About Race - Ben Lindsay

A book recommendation - Ben Lindsay is a pastor at Emmanuel Church London. He is passionate about inclusion and wants to see a racially diverse church that better serves and represents the local context. Ben is CEO and founder of Power The Fight, a charity empowering communities to end youth violence. He has a background working in local government and the charity sector. We Need To Talk About Race is his first book. Amazon Link.

If you come across other resources that will help the conversation them please share them and maybe we can repost them here. 

Mark Searle, 04/06/2020