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Prayer in the churchyard - Rock Team

As lockdown is eased but with the church still not being allowed to be opened we are finding ways of being together as a church family.

Over the last few months, many of us have discovered that it is possible to meet online using Zoom and other video platforms. At our first All Saints prayer Zoom, we had over 100 people attend.

But with restrictions be eased a little it does mean that we can meet in groups of six in public places (still not in church and please check gov websites for updates). The Rock team took advantage of this last week and we met to pray in the churchyard. It was a beautiful and significant time as we wait to hear the latest from the planning department and seek to hear God’s voice afresh.

Socially Distant Prayer

I encourage you as the lockdown eases to meet together with your homegroup, friends, neighbours to pray. You may also want to use the churchyard to pray together, it is a beautiful and significant place. As you do so I pray that you will encounter the living God afresh and know his peace.