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At All Saints we pray and worship in many different ways. On this page you will find links to our pre-recorded Sanctuary service videos that we produced during the pandemic when we couldn't worship together in church. Our last pre-recorded Sanctuary Service was on Sunday 25 July 2021. All our videos can also be found on our YouTube Channel.
Sanctuary service in church recommenced on Sunday 05 September at 09:00hrs.
Below is the link to the latest Sanctuary Service. It will either be streamed at 09:00hrs live, or will be recorded and available the following week, or both.
Also, here are links to other resources that you may find useful:
Church of England Daily Prayer - This page include prayers and services each day. There is also an App that you can use on your phone at the bottom of the page.
Premier Christian Radio - Has lots of program and is live all the time
Daily Prayer - Thoughts from members of All Saints on how to pray from the perspective of heaven. New content most days.
We continue with our talk series on 'The Lord's Prayer' 'Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil'
'Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those that sin against us'
'Give us today our daily bread' Readings: Exodus 16:11-21 and a verse from Proverbs 30
This Sanctuary Service is the third in our series on the Lord's Prayer. Titled 'Your Kingdom Come', Sarah Couchman is leading the service and the talk is by Dave Phillips.
The second Sunday for our Lord's Prayer theme - Part 2 'Hallowed be your name'
This week: Our Father in Heaven Hallowed by your name
This week’s Sanctuary will look forward in words and music to the diamond jubilee celebrations for Queen Elizabeth.
Tony Haines will be speaking on Paul’s strategy for Titus’ work in ‘Training the Troops’ and Dave Parr will be leading Communion
After Tom’s introduction to the character of Titus last week, on Sunday we will discover more about the special challenge he has been set in Crete.
This Sunday at our Sanctuary Communion service we begin an inspiring series on Titus. Please join us to think about Titus - a good man to have at your side.
We have another watery theme at our One Church service this Sunday at 10.30am. We will be welcoming the Escott family who will be bringing little Felix for baptism..... our first baptism in the church for a long time!
Today, as we come to the end of Easter week, following last Sunday's celebrations of Our Lord’s resurrection, Pippa Page will be speaking to us. Her title is “Doubting and Believing - believing even when we don’t see”
10.30am Service, titled: 'Resurrection - the foundation and anchor of our faith'
We look forward to welcoming Rich Miles, the Director of Movement, who will be speaking on ‘the nature of praise - living and telling our story; worship - our personal relationship with God.’
This Sunday's One Church service will be a special occasion to gather as a church family. Sarah Couchman and Naomi Pendle will be helping us think about what it means to be a church that steps out in faith.
We are very excited to welcome Penelope Swithinbank to speak to us on the subject of "A Nurturing Church", continuing in our series of "What sort of church ought we to be?"
This week’s Sanctuary Service will reflect on the church as a servant or serving church. Tony Haines will be speaking.
Ruth Rhodes will be speaking from Acts chapter 10, which is about Peter’s vision when he was staying at Simon the Tanner’s house.
Sarah Couchman and Claire Parr will share the leading of this service with a lovely theme of 'Hospitality'.
At this week’s Sanctuary Service, at 09:00hrs on Sunday 27 February, we shall reflect on the theme: "A church that walks the talk”.
This Sunday Dave Phillips will be speaking to us on the subject of ‘Standing Up and Standing Firm’.
We are delighted to be welcoming Area Dean Rev'd Stephen Girling who will be opening up the theme of being a church which lives and gives generously...
This is the once-in-a-month opportunity for us all to come together as fellow members of All Saints Church - whatever our ‘preferred’ service on a normal Sunday is.
Every service is special but this one this week is even more special as we launch our second appeal to raise funds for the ROCK Project.
This week The Venerable Adrian Youings, Archdeacon of Bath, will be preaching on the subject of “A Church Where Everyone is Connected and Valued”.
We continue the New Year theme at the Sanctuary service when Paddy Gleave, one of our hard working church wardens will be speaking on “A thoroughly equipped church”. His title is ‘Your story, our story, God’s story.’
Please join us for our Sanctuary service this week when Dave Parr will help us consider what it means to be called to be 'Holy and Godly'.
Pippa Page will be leading and Tom Peryer will be speaking on the subject: ‘Four Steps We All Need to Take’. A prize for anyone who works out what those steps are in advance of the service.
You are invited to join in the worship this Sunday and hear how we can be “living stones” carefully chosen by God with Jesus as the cornerstone.
Our Rocks, Stones and Pebbles series takes us to the Stony Ground as found in the parable of the sower.
For our Advent Sunday Sanctuary service we have a special guest speaker - Rev. Stephen Girling from Bath Abbey.
This week Rachel Stone will be speaking about David and Goliath, with the title “Against all the Odds / Five smooth stones”
Dave Parr will unpack the passage from Ecclesiastes weaving in our theme of rocks, pebbles and stones.
This week we are delving into the Jordan, well almost, as Joshua and the Israelites cross over on dry land with our faithful God showing them the way of trust and obedience.
This week we will be looking at the first of our rocks, stones and pebbles series starting with 'A Rocky Night’ from Genesis 28.
Naomi Pendle will be speaking on the subject of “Love poured out” thinking about the lady who washed Jesus’ feet with her tears and wiped them with her hair.
Our theme will be 'Prepare The Way' which will be reflected in words, music and images.
This week we will be thinking about the outcome of our faith and God’s faithfulness to us as we trust in the authority of Jesus.
Our Harvest Celebration this Sunday will be led by Rev Claire Parr and Tom Peryer will be speaking on the story of Ruth and Boaz
This week Tony Haines is speaking on 'Specks of dust and planks of wood' from Luke 6:17-36
This week Rev Dave Parr will be speaking on the title ‘Love your enemies?' from Luke 6:17-36.
This week Sarah Couchman is speaking about being 'Called and Chosen' from Luke 6:12-26.
Sanctuary is now meeting in person and online
This week, Mark will be asking the question again, Why Church and looking at how together we grow.
This week, Mark will be asking the question again, Why Church and looking at how together we have a purpose.
This week, Mark will be asking the question again, Why Church and looking at how together we are encouraged.
This week, Mark will be asking the question again, Why Church and looking at how together we are a the body of Christ.
This week, Mark will be asking the question again, Why Church and looking at how together we are a church family.
Monica will be speaking from Acts 6 and 7. Come, pause and pray with us and allow God to restore your soul.
Please join Sarah Couchman at the kitchen table for this week's Sanctuary service.


Mark Searle, 02/03/2020