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Homegroup Resources

Church is made up of people and as we follow the way of Jesus together our shared life in homegroups is really important. We encourage you to keep on meeting and looking out for each other, but the ways this will have have to change.

Here are a few resources that could help connect as a group online. Please use what ever is appropriate for your group.

WhatsApp (any smartphone - free) - limited to 4 people, but useful for small groups, prayer triplets.
FaceTime (apple only - free) - Group FaceTime is 32 people. Just start from FaceTime app.
Facebook Video (Any platform - Free) 6 people on screen, up to 50 people in call. (Not sure what happens if you have more that 6 people) []
Viber - max five people
Skype (any platform) - video chats for up to 50 people, includes screen sharing.
Meeting/youth groups/prayer groups (anything that is not public) try Zoom.
Zoom (free video conference) - anyone can start an account, 40 min video length, up to one hundred people can join. Requires some simple setup by downloading an app/program. Paid version will be used for Staff meeting/PCC/Youth. Providing more focused video chat at a specific times, rather than spontaneous calls..

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