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Church Live Streams

Each Sunday at 11:00hrs for the foreseeable we are going to be live streaming our Sunday gathering. This is wonderful opportunity to gather together in a unique way as we continue to follow the way of Jesus together. 

There will be a re-post of Church Live after each event. If you prefer something that is a little more like a Sanctuary, then we have a growing number of resources on our Sanctuary Page.

Watch Live on our youtube page All Saints Weston YouTube

You can find our facebook page below. Or on

Catch up with the 11am live stream on YouTube or facebook.
A conversation about anxiety, fear, faith and hope in context of the current lockdown and coronavirus.
Catch up with the 11am live stream on YouTube or facebook.
Try Alpha online
Facebook video embedded, YouTube rebroadcast also now embedded.
Catch up on YouTube or Facebook from Sunday 26th April.
A very fast tour around the outskirts of Bath. Buckle up and pray God’s blessing over the city with us.
Catch on Church Live
Catch up with our Church Live steam from Easter Sunday.
Live stream thought for Easter
Reflection from Sarah and Resources
Part six of The Way of the Cross.
Catch up on church live from Palm Sunday, 5th April 2020.
Church Live. We worship together across the city.
Thought for the day from Mark
Our first church live stream from All Saints - YouTube.
In a world full of worry, how can we do things differently.
Mark Searle, 01/03/2020