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A message from Mark 


I am sure you have heard the news from Boris Johnson that “Everyone should now avoid social contact with others”. This was so much sooner than many of us where expecting, it is difficult to make sense of it all, we live in strange times. 

This evening I have locked up the church building - it was heart breaking. We are not going to be meeting on a Sunday for who knows how long. And most of our other activities are going to have to stop. But I want you to know something, 

The church building may be closed, but the church is still open, because the church is people.
We may not be able to have social contact but we work hard at socially connecting.
We may not be able to meet, but we will meet online, on the phone or on the doorsteps.
We may not be able to care for each other face to face, be we will care for each other and look out for our neighbours.
We may not be able to meet together for worship, but we will continue to sing and declare that God is good.
We may be confused and frightened, but we will not give up hope and we will stand together.

We live in unprecedented times for our generation. So we have all to do things differently for a season. 
1. We are going to move church online from now. Every week there will be a Live stream of church. Everyone is welcome to join in, even if you have not been to church before, this will be a great way to connect.
2. We ALL need to think about our neighbours. This is an opportunity to get to know each other and stand with each other. Use viral the Neighbour contact card if that helps. Let's take responsibility for the places we live especially the most vulnerable. 
3. We are bringing for forward plans for the All Saints Care Network - for the older and more vulnerable members of the All Saints community. Penny and Mandy are going to be coordinating this for us and the wheels are already in motion.
4. All of us can join a community volunteering group like the Banes 3SG group- for compassionate communities. This is not a time to do less, this is a time for us to care more.
5. Lastly - pray. Pray for our amazing NHS staff, for the our government, for our community and also pray for peace. Pray, even if you don’t pray. The promise of the bible is not that life will be trouble free, but that Jesus will be with us always, in every circumstance and his peace passes all understanding.  So pray.

More info on all this stuff in the next couple of days. 

Look out for each other and God bless.



Mark Searle, 16/03/2020