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The Way of the Cross - Peace



The are some adverts which seem brilliant at first, then due to an unfortunate set of events quickly become out dated.

“This is the worst week of Danny Johnson’s life. Danny scored seven own goals at his school football final...” This is the opening line from a fun set of adverts for a travel company called On the Beach. Each one tells the same story. Something has gone wrong in the person’s life, but they are completely relaxed and having the best time, because they have booked an amazing holiday. 

Unfortunately recent events means that catching a flight to a beach holiday it probably not the most peaceful thing we would be doing right now. If only it were this easy to find peace was as heading to the beach. Holidays come to an end and soon enough the harsh realities we have tried to escape come and find us. Peace paid for in cash does not last. But there is another kind of peace.

We can see clearly that the world is broken and often the way we live contributes to that brokenness. We try so many ways to escape, yet we always land back in the same place. This is not how God intended us to live. Because he made us and loves us, he came into the broken world and took all of the brokenness on himself. Isaiah says that he was pierced for our transgressions, that our brokenness was laid on him. 

But more than that, he purchased life and peace for us. Not the kind of temporary peace you find on a beach holiday. But a lasting, freely given peace that transcends our understanding. Are you striving to find this peace yourself or are you ready to receive it as a gift that has be completely paid for in person?


Mark Searle, 12/03/2020