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Let’s talk about our mental health

There are some things that are difficult to talk about. This is especially true when we we struggling on the inside. We can feel alone and isolated, trapped in our own thinking, ruminations or anxiety. But we don’t have to be alone.


Thankfully the tide is turning and it is increasingly normal to talk about our struggles. As a church family we want to get better at this. To share life in the highs of the hills and darkness of the valleys. On Sunday 28th October Mark talked under the title of Myth Busters: Christians don’t get depressed. Of course he talked about the reality that Christians do get depressed and also shared a little of his own story.

Myth busters

You can listen to Mark's talk here:

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You might also want to make some connections. One of the strongest things that any of us can do is to acknowledge that we are struggling in some way. As a church family we want to walk with one another, let’s not let shame hide us away from each other. But we also want to sign post people well. So we encourage you to talk to each other about how things really are. You may also want to talk to your homegroup leader, or Mandy Falkus (who looks after our pastoral care) or Mark Searle. But if it is more helpful to seek a professional service then you might like to start with: