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Finding God in everyday places

We all see the world in different ways and we all encounter God in different ways. For me I see the handy work of God all over creation. I can’t help but look at something natural and be filled with wonder at the maker. But there are many other ways we find God.

Our conversations with others often lead us to see things differently. Hearing how others have prayed, experienced the presence of God or understand the bible can help us in our journey. As a church community we want to make more space for these kind of conversations. So we have started a group called Access which meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm at All Saints - everyone is welcome. Details of the next session can be found here:

Personally I find space or retreats are helpful. Often just a holiday or time away from the routine means that I slow down for long enough to look up and beyond myself. Sometimes these are regular places - there is a beach in Cornwall that is hugely significant for me. Big prayers with few words have been prayed in that place, so it is an easy place for me to find God again. Or perhaps more accurately, to allow myself to be found by Him.

For some the search for God is like trying to de-mist an old car window on a cold day. You want to get going but it takes a long time to see anything clearly. Yet very few are cold hard atheists for whom human interaction is just a matter of the accidental collision of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium and phosphorus. Love does not matter if we are just matter. For most people there is something rather than nothing, even if the something does not have a name. There are some great books out there covering everything from the “Case for Christ”1 to finding God even when you feel like he is “God on Mute”2.

Each year as a family we attend a summer conference called New Wine. This year it was a privilege to go with over 40 from All Saints, even though like many other conferences, it was cut short by the weather. When I first used to go, I would be hungry for as many resources and books as I could carry away. Wanting to keep myself resourced for the year. Now I just listen out for the simple fresh word or phrase from the Holy Spirit - one word from him is enough for a year. Strange to drive half way across the country and camp in a field to encounter God, but it’s worth it every time.

New Wine 2019

If you have already made a decision to follow Jesus then I pray that you would hear from him afresh today. Maybe you are still looking for God, or hoping that he is looking for you. I invite you to come and spend time with a Christian community, to learn and listen to others. Maybe then the mist will start to clear and you will see the way ahead and begin the journey of a lifetime.

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