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Good Friday On The Hill 

Good Friday on the HillOn Good Friday at 10.30hrs the local churches met at the Moravian Church. We then walked up the hill via Broadmoor Lane and with the kind permission of the farmers, we placed a cross  above Weston for the Easter weekend and held a brief service there.
The cross is the key part of the Easter story. It is the ultimate expression of God’s love for you. God the Father loves people and the world so much that he sent his son Jesus to deal with all the mess and leave the way clear so that we could have fullness of life.
Cross on the hill with people
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We prayed that the 'cross' would be a blessing to whole community of Weston and Bath over the coming days. We reflected on the pain and difficulties of Good Friday and that we might also be filled with hope and joy as we anticipate Easter Sunday and Jesus' resurrection. The service was streamed online at the time to people below who couldn't manage the walk. It is available to be watched online from the embedded link below.