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Slow Down

Slow Down

“Slow. If there is dust behind you, you’re going too fast”

This is the sign that is often out during the summer at my favour campsite. Placed in the middle of the road so you have to drive round it as you come in. I don’t expect that Martin, the campsite owner, has any idea how significant it has become for me.

The drive down takes a couple of hours and the roads get narrower and bumper the closer you get. There are some silly traditions that we have developed for the journey. Like the joke about the wind farm, who can spot the sea first or the threatened day trip we have never taken to the bee centre. But as we come over the brow of the last hill everything in me is getting ready to slow down. Quite often the sign is out at the entrance to remind me.

Changing pace is so important. Over this summer I hope that you get the chance to take life at a different speed. That you have some moments when you can get away from the crowd and the day to day, rest up and reflect. 

Jesus knows the importance of slowing down. He would often escape the expectations of the crowds and walk the hills. Spending time with the Father in prayer.

Whether you have a staycation, fly abroad to escape the heat or even if you have to work all the way through. I hope you find some moments to reduce your speed this summer. Kick off your shoes, lie down in the grass and allow Jesus to refresh your soul.

Mark Searle, 27/07/2018