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Love Weston Cafe

Every Friday Love Weston Cafe is open to the community for coffee, cakes and lunches. This week I had the opportunity to visit. Kathleen Paley and Shirley Ward who co-run the cafe hosted me for the morning.

Love Weston Cafe Team

As I arrived the place was buzzing. Parents and toddlers catching their breath after the school run. There was lively and welcoming conversation around larger shared tables. The coffee and homemade cakes were delicious. As the parents started to drift out the lunch crowd started to drift in.

Shirley and Kathleen oversee the volunteers from the local churches and the community. They were all enthusiastic and friendly. It was good to hear some stories about the cafe’s history and the way that it has impacted the community.

Love Weston CafeLove Weston Cafe is a good example of the church being there for people. If you are looking for a place to volunteer and be a blessing to your community than this is a great place to start. If you need to connect with others then you will find a warm welcome and generous hearts at Love Weston Cafe.

Mark Searle, 13/07/2018